UK 2015 – Forecast – 20th April 4

This is the latest of our forecasts for the UK General Election in 2015. To see our methodology click here. To read a note on our updated forward looking projection methodology, click here.

This is a new forecast format where we will present just the centre point of the range of possibilities. We will attempt to update this forecast every day until the 7th of May.


% Vote Seats
Conservatives 34.72% 281
Labour 31.76% 282
Liberal Democrats 9.38% 32
UKIP 15.03% 1
SNP 3.36% 31
PC 0.65% 3
Green 4.24% 1
Others inc. Speaker (GB) 1
Irish 18

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4 thoughts on “UK 2015 – Forecast – 20th April

    • Forecast UK - Peter

      Thanks for your comment. The simple answer is that we expect some form of dampening of the SNP surge nearer to polling day. We also anticipate some level of tactical voting against the SNP surge – our forecast is indicating that the Conservative vote may decline in Scotland as Tory voters switch to alternatives to block the SNP.

      It’s worth pointing out that some more constituency polling in Scotland may cause us to adjust our forecast over the next week or so.

      • chico khan-gandapur

        Thank You.

        One further question, if I may, please: have you analysed the impact of (the lack of) voter registration in the election and whether the shortfall of actual vs potential voters is split equally across the voting spectrum, or whether some parties are biased in favour/against ? Thank you

        • Forecast UK - Peter

          There is no information yet on final voter registration numbers, but the impact upon particular party support (possibly Labour, UKIP and the SNP) is something that needs to be considered.