2019 – How did we do? 2

We compared our final forecast with those made by other forecasting projects. We have taken the data from Elections Etc who have a list of all the forecasts they used in their project.

We have only included forecasts that tried to estimate the seats for at least six parties (Con, Lab, LD, SNP, Gr, PC).

ForecastConLabLDSNPPCGrNet Dif
Actual Result365203114841
Nigel Marriot3662001249317
Exit Poll36819113553121
Forecast UK354.5207.518454125
Principal Fish35421418413137
Datapraxis MRP34422114474143
Electoral Calculus34822713412152
PME Politics & Bailey33722817444163
YouGov MRP33923115414165
B4B / Focaldata33723514413171
PSA Expert Survey32423325424292

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